Great Eastern Road
Client: Westfield
Location: LLDC
Project Scope: Masterplanning
Project Status: On going

We have set a vision for reinforcing a city edge with social and economic life on this important route from Meridian Square to Stratford’s Theatre Square.

The masterplan proposes five buildings to make best use of the site’s narrow, linear form which lies within a rapidly changing and emerging context.

The Angel Lane Masterplan creates a flexible guide to provide alternative development blocks and massing with the opportunity to form a more dynamic townscape and unified streetscape.

It has been a key design aspiration that each of the five plots could be brought forward individually to facilitate sequential development with separate funding partners accelerating change on the longstanding vacant site. Importantly, separating the buildings allows daylight and sunlight to penetrate the site whilst opening up pedestrian views and increasing openness and public realm.

The key objectives of the masterplan essential to ensuring that the area is developed successfully are listed as follows:

Promote distinct and mixed land-uses
Improve townscape setting
Link Meridian Square and Theatre Square with new high quality streetscape
Increase legibility
Define visual links to north
High quality design
Active frontages.