Tower Hotel
Client: Guoman Hotels
Location: Tower Hamlets
Project Scope: Hotel
Project Status: Feasibility

We were commissioned to undertake a full feasibility study upon the 850 bedroom hotel adjacent to London’s Tower Bridge, one of the worlds iconic landmarks.

The hotel building itself is often featured in polls for the ugliest buildings in Britain.

Over the years numerous architects have studied how to improve the aesthetic, however as a business it has an extraordinarily high occupancy therefore most viability testing demonstrates that it is not economically appropriate to shut the hotel and redevelop the site.

Unfortunately our study was no different, despite the architectural transformations and efficiencies found during the study, including the potential for high value residential facing into St Katherine’s Dock and Tower Bridge, the loss of hotel income during construction deemed the project a non starter.

The only hope for a positive change to the architecture, urban landscape and backdrop to Tower Bridge is for the hotel competition to improve their facilities to such a degree that the Guoman offer falls so far behind and looses occupancy.